Таргетированная реклама для ИТ компаний в Instagram, Вконтакте, Facebook

Social Media Advertising in B2B

We customize Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns for IT companies

We know how to bring new
customers and increase
the number of repetitive

B2B marketing has its own specific details and strategy: within the companies it promotes goods and services to purchase-makers, but not to the decision-makers. Drozd knows what types of social media ads are best suited for B2B sales – and how to intervene with them content, other advertising, personal communication and the rest of marketing tools.


Similar positions

Identification of the parties interested in buying the product, and their concerns. Help in finding potential clients who have similar interests, and targeting by professional positions and occupations.


Creation of a database of potential customers and using their location data.


Examining current events that can be of interest for potential customers.

Look-alike audience

Broadening the target audience, basing on the existing client’s database. Reaching out to new users who are alike the current customers.

Customer attraction techniques

Development and testing of different customer interactions, from displaying ads to drive-to-purchase decisions.

We know how to drive sales of IT products and services with social media

Promoting IT services on international markets for 12 years, we got convinced that social media can (and should) be sales instruments in B2B. Broad targeting capabilities help to attract customers unreachable by other advertising tools.

Our way of work

Target audience research
Data collection about social media audience: age, gender, location, interests, etc. Identification which social channels and devices the audience uses.
Site preparation
Advertisement can lead to landing site, or introductory site, or social media group, or filling out a feedback form. Help with making the whole path, from a click to initial purchase, nice and easy.
Campaign settings
Creation of headings, texts and images for the advertisements. Customization of audience parameters.
Advertisement analysis based on the “value for money” principle. Modification of the campaign. Expansion of communication volume, where effective.
Output evaluation
Evaluation of traffic and conversion with analytical (Google, etc.) tools: CTR (clickthrough rate), ROMI (return of marketing investment), CPC (cost per click), CPL (cost per lead), CPO (cost per order) etc.

Benefits of
target marketing

Broad range

As per Mediascope, Facebook has 53 million active users per month; Instagram — 54 million. The additional advantage is that subscribers of various platforms do not overlay, so that advertising campaigns can be designed as joint.


You can promote and sell anything with the help of social media, even without having a site: via Lead Ads, when leads are attracted directly from social networks.

Target audience

Marketing messages are displayed only to the group of people you want to reach with your social channels, regardless of their engagement level.

100+ successful marketing campaigns

  • High skills of social media marketing to promote IT products for international audience
  • Site selection and creation of advertisements based on business specifications
  • Many years of experience in B2B advertising for IT
  • Help with targeted advertising, if necessary

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