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B2B SEO promotion

Full variety of internal and external optimization services, together with the promotion of IT companies’ new websites

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SEO in B2B differs from the “classic” SEO. Semantic core in business segment requires: more detailed development; special optimization of websites’ content and functionality; high-quality expert-level copywriting; use of special tools to achieve correct ranking of queries and greater trust of search engines to the site; and product credibility.

SEO features in B2B

Proof of expertise and competency

In B2B your qualification, experience and reliable partners are essential to prove declared competence. List of famous customers and partners, professional certificates, success stories of the company — all these are effective ways to show your professionalism.

Keyword selection

Choosing the right keywords in B2B is a big challenge. Business has different search criteria on each decision-making level. On the first level search requests could be very broad, for example «cloud providers in the U.S.». While on other levels specialists can search for something more specific, like «private cloud on VMware». Choosing keywords in B2B requires SEO specialist to take a deep dive into the topic and to set the keywords’ list with the client.

Quality content

Products and services should be described very precisely and in full details. This indicates providers’ expertise in the product. Articles in blogs and on other sites are supposed to show professional competence and expertise in the topic, and not just SEO problems. Quality of content is also important while increasing the number of incoming links: customers who came by external link shouldn’t be disappointed.

Our expertise

  • Website audit and competitors’ analysis
  • Building a semantic core
  • Refurbishing or development of the website structure
  • Internal relinking of the site
  • Content optimization, including unique content creation
  • Micromarking implementation, content optimization in order to appear in Google Featured Snippet, accelerated mobile pages (AMP) etc.
  • Building incoming links volume
  • Conversion rates improvement
  • Organic traffic increase

Drozd uses only relevant promotion methods, well-tested
on hundreds of projects

We organize promotions of products, services, corporate and business websites, SaaS projects and much more. We can also optimize site’s mobile version.

Our way of work

Studying business model specificity, as well as target audience and demand for services.
Detailed audit of the website
Technical, marketing, content and UX analysis.
Building a semantic core
Formation of an exhaustive list of search requests, based on industry specifics.
Internal optimization
Optimization of all important texts on site pages, site relinking, improvements of desktop and mobile versions usability, HTTP 404/301 links problem solving, etc.
External optimization
Building and implementing a link profile strategy, improving content quality and audience engagement.
Promotion non-stop
Further conversion improvement, help with raising the number of visitors and potential customers, customization of context advertising if needed.

50+ successful projects

  • Full range of marketing services: from branding and consulting to web development and SEO promotion
  • 12 years of experience in SEO and Internet marketing for IT companies
  • Embedding marketing campaigns into client’s general strategy
  • Complete outsourcing, but remaining a part of your team

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