Digital Security — оценка безопасности веб‑приложений

Web applications security assessment

We help to improve the security level of the corporate applications, open-source and closed-source software solutions, remote banking service systems and other web platforms

Defining security weaknesses
using manual and automation testing. Checking code’s security and reliability. Using OWASP methodology

Website and app owners tend to be uninformed about existing vulnerabilities. Furthermore, most people are not aware of actual exploitation of these vulnerabilities.

Successful cyberattack ends up with personal data leak and selling information on the Darknet. The main responsibility lies with the app owners who didn’t take care of security on time.

Digital security service helps to prevent financial and reputational damage.

Key risks

Data breach

Leak of users data is a pressing issue for app owners with multiuser database. In case of success, cyber criminals get all the confidential information, specified by users when registering or during online shopping: passport data, address, phone number, payment cards dataб etc. According to IBM, average damage from cyber attacks in 2020 amounted to USD3.86 million.

Work stoppage

Most of the cyberattacks aim to stop web applications work, such as online stores with high traffic. One hour of downtime can lead to multimillion dollar losses. Nevertheless, intruders can disable not only the app, but also the web server. In that case business recovery will be much more difficult.

Reputational damage

All problems with operation of the app is a risk for the company. It is hard to assess the damage of cyber attacks, especially when it affected clients. Leak of private, commercially important information is also a major incident. In the worst-case scenario, it can lead to the business shut down.


Our team consists of the experts in the field of web applications testing. Our qualification is certified by OSCP (Offensive Security Certified Professional)

Our cyber security team has long-term experience in web products security audit, such as corporate applications and systems, remote banking service systems, exchange platforms, open-source and closed-source software solutions.

The testing is based on the technologies and components used by the web applications. Vulnerabilities are analyzed both on the server-side and on the client-side.

Our way of work

External review
Web application reconnaissance through open sources.
Site exploration
Determination of security level of the web application hosting site.
Settings review
Safety assessment of the settings, configuration examine of the web application hosting node.
Security vulnerability detection
Identification of technical and logical vulnerabilities, assessment of their impact on the web applications business logic. Imitation of hacking attack.
Development of recommendations on fixing the vulnerabilities and improving the security at the business process level.
Provision of a detailed final report.

Our service offers

Automated testing

Simple and inexpensive way to evaluate the security level of the application. Suitable for protection against mid-level attacks with a low hacking potential.

Manual testing using a penetration test

Helps to fully evaluate the level of security of the application and infrastructure. Suitable for protection against attacks by organized cybercriminals. Pentest also uses tools from the hackers’ arsenal.

Testing of large web projects

Security assessment of the application at all levels. A team of pentesters uses the full set of tools for manual and automated testing. Code security analysis is also carried out.

Benefits of digital security

  • We work in accordance with the best world practices and standards of digital security: OWASP, NIST SP 800-xx, ISO 2700x
  • You receive an independent expert assessment of your web application and infrastructure security
  • We use a case-by-case approach, taking into account your business characteristics
  • We harmonize methodology, work arrangements and direction of «attacks»

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