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Contextual marketing in B2B

We launch and customize advertising campaigns for B2B customers in IT using Google Ads and Bing Ads

Business targeting
contextual campaigns

Customized advertisements in Google Ads and Bing Ads for B2B market and its specific products. Help with niche marketing issues, estimating marketing costs and scope – based on a projected margin.

Features of contextual marketing in B2B

Focus on customer problems, not on the product advantages

Creation of headings and texts with a focus on solving potential client’s problem, without mentioning unique selling proposition (USP) or main advantages of the product. The more problems and needs we cover, the higher is the level of advertising efficiency.

Focus on search

While searching for a supplier, decision makers pay no attention to banners and ads in search systems. For that reason, we suggest to focus on search, and to leave retargeting and remarketing for the existing clients.

Effective keywords

Keywords for B2B products are mostly too specific to use – and those low in search indexes. We are trying to pick up words with focus on customers’ intentions and problems by relying on competitors’ marketing campaigns analysis.

Negative keywords exclusion

To minimize non-targeted traffic, and therefore to save money on advertising, we are pointing out negative keywords that are not directly related to the product or service. In the next stages we are expanding the negative keywords’ list to filter irrelevant requests.

Smart bidding

Conversion cost is sometimes unpredictable in B2B advertising. In this case AI in Google Ads and Bing Ads comes to the rescue: it automatically changes PPC bid, taking desired CPA into account.

12 years of experience
and best strategies
in contextual marketing

Drozd has promoted over 50 unique IT services on international markets, using a full range of marketing tools.

Our way of work

Analyzing general market and competitors
Taking into account the product’s complexity, every B2B marketing campaign requires an individual approach to strategy and trend analysis.
Defining performance indicators
Determination of the value of key indicators — ROI, CTR, CPC etc. This is necessary to make tracking of the effectiveness easier.
Setting and launching campaigns
Creation of texts and images for the advertisements, customization of Google Analytics and Bing Ads, as well as automation services and call-tracking.
Managing campaigns
Daily monitoring of the effectiveness of advertisements, requests and platforms differentiation, together with behavioral pattern analysis.
Evaluating outputs and preparing reports
Evaluation of the campaign effectiveness at the end of the month and preparation of the report, that includes information about expenses and conversions.

Benefits of contextual marketing

Fast returns

Advertisements start to pay off immediately: products and services instantly display in search results. It’s a lot faster than, for example, SEO promotion. Done properly, contextual marketing can guarantee quick results.

Broad audience coverage

Yandex affiliate network consists of more than 40 thousand sites, mobile apps and outdoor advertising operators. For Google it is more than 2 million sites.

Transparent expenses

You always know how much you are paying and what for. It eases budget and facilitates marketing planning.

50+ successful projects

  • Full range of services: from branding and consulting to web development and SEO promotion
  • Lots of experience of launching IT marketing campaigns
  • Specializing in promotion of any complexity IT products and services for B2B customers
  • Embedding marketing campaigns into client’s general strategy

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