NFT marketing consulting

We are providing consulting on the development, creation, and promotion of the NFT and blockchain projects. Turning your creative ideas into reality. Earn and save your money in NFT.

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Now is the best time to enter the NFT market

Don’t know how to do it? Just contact us! We will create a personal step-by-step strategy and tell you about each stage.

Our specialists have already worked on dozens of NFT projects, from private to global. Now they are ready to provide information support to new market participants and those who already have experience in blockchain. Use our knowledge to develop your project.

Benefits of NFTs

Non-fungible tokens can represent any digital asset, from artworks to intellectual and real properties.
NFTs cannot be faked or duplicated. The high level of protection from scammers and data leaks makes them the most secure investment.
The blockchain protocol provides a high degree of transparency in NFT transactions.

What do we offer?

  • Our specialists provide online consultations for users who want to create an NFT collection, NFT marketplace or Play to Earn game based on NFT
  • Let’s take a look at how to calculate tokenomics step by step (characteristics that affect the supply and demand of an NFT or a token built into the game), create an NFT, mint tokens, build marketing processes, and also which advertising channels to use.

During the consultation we will:

Define the goals of the project, its strengths and weaknesses, tell you about the specific of the market, analyze the activities of the main competitors. We will also help to form the initial concept and further roadmap of your project.
Consider the project in terms of value for buyers and motivation to buy (utilities from owning NFTs or features of tokenomics in the Gamefi project).
Tell you about the suitable platforms and blockchain solutions. We will help you to choose the best option for your project.
Advise on the NFT minting process, smart contract preparation and technical implementation. We will calculate financial investments and also give advice on building a team with the necessary technical skills.
Create a marketing strategy based on current trends, project geography and potential audience. We will explain how to build a sales funnel for an NFT project, how to build an active community, how to work with social medias and start advertising campaigns with influencers.
Offer options for the implementation of the project, predict KPIs and calculate realistic deadlines. We can also provide the professionals to become a part of your team. They will lead such areas as design, development and marketing.They will enter the project as partners and fully take over its promotion.

Fill in your contact details to agree on the date and time of the consultation

What will you receive

  • After the consultation, you will get a an understanding of how the NFT market works, how to create, how to list, promote and sell non-fungible tokens.
  • We will share our own experience and nuances of launching NFT collections from design and minting to advertising. We will create an individual business plan, marketing plan and tokenomics. We will also answer any questions related to NFT.
  • We can also take on part of the tasks (such as developing a design, an advertising campaign, etc.) or create a complete project from scratch.

Who our service is designed for

We help to understand NFT technologies from scratch, fill in knowledge gaps and give an expert advice to those who are already involved in blockchain projects.

We are contacted by:

  • individuals who are looking for additional opportunities to earn and save the capital
  • investors
  • digital artists and other digital content creators
  • developers who are planning on launching NFT games

Our benefits

Recognized experts in the field of the blockchain and NFT:

  • We have been developing our own projects for 2 years and have been creating and promoting NFTs for our clients
  • We are one of the initials of the EVERSCALE blockchain ecosystem.
  • The team has repeatedly won major competitions, including the international NFT Marketplace competition from the Free TON community.

We practice an individual approach:

  • We are adapting NFT services to specific tasks and capabilities of the client’s team.
  • Partnership starts with a consultation and a strategic session to identify the current stage.
  • We are creating a detailed plan and help to implement it.

Our consultations will help you to choose the best solution and achieve your business goals!

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