NFT collection distribution via Mystery Box

We will create custom NFT collections special for you, including Mystery Box.

What is Mystery Box?

In the Mystery Box you can find a rare non-fungible token worth a thousand dollars or a standard NFT.

The Mystery Box customer can:

  • Do you want to implement your NFT collection by using the Mystery Box? Contact us and we will do it for you from a scratch.
  • Open the box to see what it includes, sell the token or save it for personal collection;
  • Users can get rare NFTs from certain collections at a low price, that’s why Mystery Boxes are so popular.
  • Not open the box but leave it closed or sell it.

Who needs a Mystery Box ?

The Mystery Box can be bought or sold on popular NFT marketplaces ( Such as OpenSea, Rarible, Binance). A lot of well-known brands are creating this kind of collections. Each token contains a description from which the user can understand what is inside the box. Sometimes the Mystery Box creators indicate the chances of getting each type of NFT. The mystery boxes can be bought and sold either at a fixed price or at auctions.
The Mystery Box sales mechanism is also used by blockchain games ( Such as Axie Infinity, DeHero, Metamon). Inside the boxes you can find the rare in-game items, characters, virtual lands, skins, etc.

Mystery Box advantages

Mystery Box can be sold on marketplaces like any other NFT collection. Nevertheless mystery boxes have several advantages over traditional tokens:

  • Choice of further action (open and sell token, sell unopened box).
  • The option to get a rare NFT artwork for the price of regular NFTs;
  • Win-win deal, the buyer will receive collectible tokens anyway;
  • Gamification and the element of surprise;

This makes Mystery Boxes more popular for customers than standard non-fungible tokens.

What do we offer?

You don’t have to understand the code, calculate the formulas for dropping the rare NFTs or know how it works inside. Choose the NFTs you want to add to the Mystery Box, define the quantity of each class of tokens and set the price for the box. We’ll do the rest for you.
You will get a Mystery Boxes, which can be added to the crypto game. You can put them on NFT marketplaces or sell from your own collection.
Our experts will design a Mystery Box for your NFTs. We will use existing non-fungible tokens or create them for you from a scratch.


Want to protect NFT collections from bots and create a community of people who are interested in your work?
We will set up a PREMINT registration system for you. Over 1,600 NFT projects manage access lists via this token. PREMINT allows NFT creators to manage access lists for collectors and community members.
Users can get on the lists without paying the gas fees, and developers get to fill the list with real collectors, not bots.

What opportunities PREMINT offers:

  • Add limits on the minimum ETH balance in a crypto wallet to join the community.
  • Share the secret password with members of the community.
  • Request for confirmation of the user’s Twitter account.
  • Check whether the user has a token from a specific collection.
  • Fight bots with reCAPTCHA technology.
Our experts will develop a PREMINT as fast as possible.

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