Generate nft collection

We will create collections of unique tokens based on your art or ideas

Focus on creativity, we will take care of the code

  • Our developers will help both beginners or experienced NFT artists to create a generative NFT collection and put it on the blockchain.
  • Create thousands of NFTs versions, and each one will be unique and different from the others.
  • You no longer need to waste your time on rendering custom art. We and a special program code will do it for you.

NFT and generative NFT collections

NFT (Non Fungible Token) is a special kind of cryptocurrency, it can also be considered as a unique digital asset in the blockchain network. An NFT can be almost anything, from an abstract concept to a real asset of value.

The list is extensive and includes such items as a variety of artwork, videos, memes, GIFs, in-game items, etc. You can even turn your house, land, car, and other “unexpected” things into NFTs.

The purpose of NFT is to provide evidence of provenance and a chronological history of ownership of the item. This is especially useful in the art sphere. By turning a piece of art into an NFT, the artists can digitally “sign” it and prove that they are the original owners of it. Moreover, it proves that the creation is original and distinguishes it from copies.

NFT collections are divided into 2 types: custom and generative. To create a custom collection, an artist needs to manually draw several dozens (or hundreds) of arts related to one topic or direction. Generative collections are created by generative code. In this case, the artist needs to create a few attributes (or layers), which will be combined into the unique combinations.

How do we work?

Getting to know your project or idea in detail.
We discuss the NFT generation for your collection and set the deadlines.
Write a code that generates unique NFTs according to the agreed task.
Check the results.
Mint the collection on blockchain.

Why Drozd ?

Drozd is not just a leading marketing agency. We are experts in the field of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies with an ideal combination of knowledge and experience. Our team has launched several of our own NFT projects, from development to marketing. Turning to us, you get not just a contractor in the form of an agency, but a dedicated in-house outsourcing team with a number of advantages:

  • Reliability
  • Privacy & Security
  • Highly qualified experts focused on results
  • Integrated project management
  • Support 24/7