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Comprehensive services to promote cryptocurrency / NFT platforms / NFT projects

Support and assistance to clients in cryptocurrency business development

The cryptocurrency market is showing record growth. Cryptocurrencies unique properties are attracting more and more followers every day. The unique example of Bitcoin and Ethereum showed that digital currencies are changing the way of how the global financial system works.

Nowadays, NFT technology is gaining popularity. It allows to tokenize any tangible and intangible objects, from a pair of sneakers to unique artworks. Promotion of NFTs and NFT marketplaces is a complex process which is better entrust to experts.

What is NFT?

NFT (Non Fungible Token) is a type of cryptographic tokens, each of which is unique. This means that they cannot be faked, split or swapped. The metadata of these tokens is immutable.
Like any other cryptocurrency, NFTs work because of blockchain technology, but their distinctive feature makes them to stand out from the crowd.

Non-fungible tokens are a tool for trading and investment. They can be used to prove ownership of digital assets such as:

  • artworks,
  • crypto collections,
  • event tickets,
  • in-game purchases,
  • real estate objects, etc.

NFTs have appeared recently and are becoming increasingly popular due to widespread use by large companies. Leading brands such as Nike, Coca-Cola and Taco Bell are actively tokenizing and selling their assets. Demand and awareness of NFTs will grow as other large companies will launch their own NFTs (increasing supply) as well as launch their own NFT marketplaces (increasing demand).

What do we offer?

  • Media and PR
  • Influence-marketing
  • Content-marketing
  • Email-marketing
  • Community management (SMM)
  • SEO (optimization for search engines)
  • PPC (paid traffic)
  • Listing and advertising in NFT/crypto catalogs
  • Design (White Paper, Pitch deck, promo video, banners, etc.)

Drozd uses only effective promotion techniques, tested
on our own projects

We evaluate, develop strategies and provide comprehensive promotion of both individual NFT collections and entire NFT marketplaces.

How do we work?

Getting to know your project or idea in detail.
We offer the best channels and promotion strategy based on your goals.
We agree on the budgets for the promotion and terms of payment for our services.
We implement a plan for placements / publications / launching advertising campaigns.
We analyze the results and provide the reporting.

Why Drozd?

Drozd is not just a leading marketing agency. We are experts in the field of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies with an ideal combination of knowledge and experience. Our team has launched several own NFT projects, from development to marketing. Turning to us, you get not just a contractor in the form of an agency, but a dedicated in-house outsourcing team with a number of advantages:

  • Reliability
  • Privacy & Security
  • Highly qualified experts focused on results
  • Integrated project management
  • Support 24/7

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