dApp Development

Our dApp developers create transparent and secure decentralised applications to solve your business problems

DApps are becoming increasingly popular due to their unique decentralised nature:

  • No intermediaries needed: Smart contracts automate trades (deals) and transactions.
  • Payment providers and systems are no longer needed: the exchange of values ​​and data is carried out using tokens or cryptocurrencies.
  • Full automation: smart contracts mediate agreements and transactions.
  • Full transparency and reliability: the blockchain technology behind the dApps guarantees network and data immutability.

What is dApp? 

DApp (DApp (Decentralized Application) is an application built on a decentralized network that combines smart contracts and a user interface. Such applications can be based on various blockchain platforms such as Ethereum, EOS, Hyperledger, Polka dot, etc. 

DApps differ from typical applications that run on centralized servers. Instead, to ensure maximum data and workflow security, dApps run on blockchain. 

DApps do not rely on centralised servers. This allows to:

  • reduce the risk of failure and make applications more reliable;
  • eliminate intermediaries between users and service providers;
  • provide more freedom, openness and transparency;
  • reduce the risks associated with processing user data.

Due to its nature, developing a dApp is a complex process that requires more attention and competence. Once a dApp and the underlying smart contracts have been created, it is very difficult to make additional fixes and updates. Therefore, it is important for your dApp to be developed by professionals.

What do we offer? 

Updating and supporting dApp
Updating and supporting dApp

We are helping to keep projects running smoothly after launch, deploy new smart contracts and update microservices as quickly as possible.

DApp full-cycle (full-stack) development
DApp full-cycle (full-stack) development

Our team develops a dApp from scratch. We will define the requirements, develop the architecture, take care of design and development, testing and deployment. 

DApp consulting and MVP development.
DApp consulting and MVP development.

We are constantly monitoring applications market trends. In the initial stages, we will help you to figure out whether your idea will become successful or not. We will also select potential investors, identify the technical components, and propose the most suitable blockchain platform.

UX/UI design
UX/UI design

Using a research-based, user-centred approach, we will develop an interface that will help your dApp provide an enjoyable user experience.

DApp full-cycle (full-stack) development
DApp full-cycle (full-stack) development

Our team develops a dApp from scratch. We will define the requirements, develop the architecture, take care of design and development, testing and deployment.

Development of smart-contracts
Development of smart-contracts

Our service includes creating, testing and deploying smart contracts on various platforms such as Ethereum, Neo, etc. We will help you to choose the most suitable platform that meets your business needs.

How do we work?

Technical and business analysis
We get acquainted and define the purpose of the dApp and how it will solve the problem for which it will be designed. Conducting a technical analysis to determine how blockchain can help to solve the problem and which platform would be the most suitable for this purpose.
Architecture design
We are developing an initial project of the dApp architecture. The goal of this project is to create a POC (Proof of concept) and demonstrate how all parts of dApp will fit together. The architectural design also includes how the user interface will interact with smart contracts, storage and blockchain.
Visual and Technical Design
Create user interface design (visual design, content and interactivity) and technical architecture design.
Development of smart contracts/crypto wallets
We are creating smart contracts that will connect dAap with the blockchain and provide the functionality of the application. At this stage, wallets are also being developed to allow the tokens exchange within the App.
Frontend and Backend development
At this stage, we transfer all designs to the development stage.
First of all we are deploying the dApp on the test network and then on the main network.

The technologies and tools we use

  • Ethereum
  • EtherLime
  • Solidity
  • Hyperledger
  • R3Corda
  • Tezos
  • Stellar
  • EOS
  • Hashgraph
  • Tron